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UpLighting Services 

UpLighting, if done correctly, applies the correct number of LED uplighting fixtures to your venue to evenly wash the room in the color theme you desire.  From a simple, warm candlelike glow during your on-site ceremony to dramatic, sweeping color changes that add excitement to the dancing during your reception... we'll match your vision exactly. The lighting can be soft and subtle or bold and intense... it's all up to you and your vision. You decide:  
A) one elegant color theme all night,
B) add pre-determined color changes for your special moments (upon your entrance, fist dance, cake cutting, parent dances etc)  
C) back to constant original color theme after dinner
D) exciting "live" color changes by the designer timed to the music to add energy to the dance floor.  
We can even match swatches from your color theme.  
The choices are endless and the difference (as seen in our pictures) is amazing!  



Add Our Uplighting Services with up to 22 uplights to any of your Party Packages for only $250
for more info call : (773)746-3412 
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